The Halloween Lawn on Sandra Drive in North Syracuse, New York, changes every year. A local couple dedicates their lawn and sacrifices their grass to entertain passers-by in the month of October. All are welcome. This is just for fun. Don't take life so seriously...

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2015: Dragon Skeleton...
A 12-ft skull still breathes smoke and has slow-dimming red eyes, and a tattered wing-span of 63 ft is only dwarfed by a 120-ft bone tail wrapping around the whole lawn and up the tree... And as dragons go--it's still just a "baby"

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2014: We're already Zombies...
... sponsored by your local cable and internet provider: "Turning people into zombies since 1989..." Even in front of the TV, baby on I-pad, mom and dad on their phones, even Junior and Fido on their laptops... (It's scary cuz it's true...)

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2013: If Darth Vader had lived...
... there wouldn't be much call for a Dark Lord turned good, so he'd probably get a job pumping gas at the local Death Star Station (a Bespin Oil Co.)

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2011: Big Dog Breaks His Chain!
After missing 2 years to Polycystic Kidney/Liver Disease, Stan & Suzi are back! "I wanted to make something nice for my wife," Stan says,"when I told her about a really big dog who broke his chain and likes to eat postal workers and small kids... she laughed." And in case you're wondering how he got to dig a giant hole in his wife's front lawn, well, that was her idea. Special thanks to Alex in Denver for inspiring the idea.

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2008: Ghost Disco
Seventy-four ghosts dot the Ghost Disco scene suspended under a giant rotating disco ball. While several ghosts are enjoying a cocktail at the immense bar, others are feeling the beat and getting their groove on as classic seventies music highlights the many disco lights and fog machine.

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2007: Crashed UFO
A giant UFO crashes in North Syracuse. Police have cordoned off the area to investigate. A dead alien lies nearby along with debris and strange weaponry. Smoke billows from the wreckage.

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2006: The History of Execution
A 15-foot guillotine marks the center of this exhibit presumably sponsored by the History Channel. A working gas chamber along with other exhibits such as hanging, lethal injection, electrocution, firing squad and stoning, both shock and amaze onlookers. One lady wrote in to the local newspaper: “this is promoting teenage suicide.” Hey lady: “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!”

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2005: Giant Spider
A giant spider covers the front entrance to the home as human cocoons hang near a giant web. Little children found this one the most disturbing of all.
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